List of Paraphilias


Ablutophilia - Baths or showers
Acomoclitic - Hairless genitals
Acrophilia - High places
Acrotomophilia - Amputee partner
Acousticophilia - Aroused by sounds 
Actirasty - Exposure to the sun’s rays
Agalmatophilia/Pygmalionism - Statues/manikins or immobility 
Agonophilia - Pseudo-rape, pretend struggle or wrestling play as a form of foreplay
Agoraphilia - Sex in public places 
Agrexophilia - Excitement from knowing that others are aware of a persons sexual activities 
Algolagnia/Algalagnia - Love of pain
Allorgasmia - Fantasizing about someone other than one’s partner 
Allotriorasty - Partners of other nations or races 
Alphmegamia - Older men
Altocalciphilia - High heels (see retifism)
Alvinolagnia - Stomachs (see partialism)
Amaurophilia - Partner who is unable to see them during sex, blind/blindfolded sex partner 
Anaclitism - Activities or items one was exposed to as an infant 
Anasteemaphilia - Taller or shorter partners 
Androidism - Robots with human features 
Anophelorastia - Defiling or ravaging a partner 
Antholagnia - Floral scent
Aphephilia - Being touched
Apotemnophilia - self-amputee
Arachnephilia - Spiders 
Asphyxiophilia - Self-strangulation
Asthenolagnia - Weakness/being humiliated 
Audiophilia - Recorded sound
Autagonistophilia - Exposing naked body or genitals to strangers while on stage, while being photographed
Autoassassinophilia - Staging one’s own murder
Autonephioplia - Diapers


Belonephilia - Pins/needles/sharp objects
Biastophilia - Violently raping their victims


Choreophilia - Dancing to orgasmic release 
Chrematistophilia - Having to pay for sex or having a sex partner steal from them, being robbed
Chrysophilia - Gold or gold colored objects 
Claustrophilia - Being confined in a small space 
Coprolalia - Using obscene language or writing 
Coulrophilia - Clowns 
Crurophilia - Legs 
Crush fetishism - Seeing small creatures being crushed or being crushed


Dacryphilia - Seeing their partner cry 
Dendrophilia - Trees or fertility worship of them 
Doraphilia - Skin, animal fur, or leather
Dracophilia - Dragons and serpents 
Dysmorphophilia - Deformed or physically impaired partners 


Ecouteurism - Listening to others having sex without permission 
Electrophilia - Electricity 
Endytophilia - Partners who are clothed 
Erotographomania - Writing love poems or letters
Erotophonophilia - Lust murder
Exhibitionism - Showing genitals in public


Fetishism - An inanimate object
Fisting - pretty easy to figure out
Formicophilia - Sex play with ants 
Frotteurism - Rubbing one’s genitals against or fondling the body parts of a non-consenting person


Gerontophilia - Partner whose age is that of different generation 
Gynelophilous - Sight/touch of pubic hair 
Gymnophilia - Nudity 
Gynemimetophilia - Male impersonating a female


Haematomania/Hematolagnia - Blood 
Hamartophilia - Committing acts you consider to be sinful
Haptephilia - Becoming extremely aroused by being touched
Harmatophilia - Sexual incompetence/mistakes
Harpaxophilia - Being robbed or burglarized 
Hierophilia - Sacred objects 
Hirsutophilia - Armpit hair
Hodophilia - Traveling 
Homilophilia - Hearing or giving sermons 
Hybristophilia - People who have committed crimes, people who are cruel/outrageous 
Hygrophilia - Body fluids or moisture 
Hyphephilia - Touching skin, hair, leather, fur, or fabric/specific fabric 
Hypoxyphilia - Sexual arousal from the limiting or withholding of oxygen


Kainotophilia - Change
Kakorrhaphiphilia - Failure 
Keraunophilia - Thunder and/or lightning
Kinesophilia - Exercise 
Kleptophilia - Stealing 
Klismaphilia - Being given an enema 
Knismolagnia - Being tickled
Knissophilia - Incense
Kopophilia - Exhaustion


Macrogenitalism - Large genitals 
Macrophilia - Giants 
Masochism - Being dominated/humiliated
Mastigophilia - Punishment
Megalophilia - Large objects
Merinthophilia - Being bound
Metophilia - Another person’s face
Metrophilia - Poetry
Mysophilia - Filth/foul odors/decaying material


Narratophilia - Discussing sex with others 
Nasophilia - Noses/nose
Neophilia - Anything new
Normophilia - Acts considered normal by their religion/society 
Nyctophilia - Darkness or night


Ochlophilia - Being in a crowd 
Oculophilia - Eyes
Oculolinctus - Licking their partner’s eyeball
Odaxelagnia - Biting/being bitten 
Odontophilia - Tooth extractions/tooth fetish 
Ophidicism - Reptiles 
Ozolagnia - Powerful scents


Parthenophilia - Sex with virgins
Partialism - Specific parts of the body
Pecattiphilia - Sinning/guilt
Pediophilia - Dolls 
Phallophilia - Large penis/large penis fetish 
Phobophilia - Fear/hate 
Phygephilia - Being a fugitive 
Pictophilia - Inability to become aroused without pictorial pornography 
Plushophilia - Stuffed toys 
Podophilia - Feet 
Polyiterophilia - Sex with a series of partners 
Psychrocism - Cold/ice 
Pubephilia - Pubic hair
Pygmalionis - Rubbing one’s body against a statue/statue/manikins
Pygophilia - Contact with the buttocks 
Pyrolagnia - Watching fire
Pyrophilia - Fire or its uses in sex play


Retifism - Shoes (see altocalciphilia)
Rhabdophilia - Being flagellated 
Robotism - Robots in sex play


Sadism - Dominating/mistreating/humiliating one’s partner
Salirophilia - Ingesting human sweat or saliva (fluids with a salt content) 
Scatophilia - Obscene phone calls 
Scopophilia - Being stared at oneself 
Siderodromophilia - Trains 
Sitophilia - Using food 
Somnophilia - Fondling a stranger in their sleep 
Spectrophilia - An image in an mirrors/sex with spirits 
Stigmatophilia - Marking one’s own body/inserting foreign objects into it
Symphorophilia - Arranging a crash/disaster/explosion


Tantalolagnia - Teasing 
Taphephilia - Being buried alive 
Teratophilia - Deformed or monstrous people 
Thesauromania - Collecting women’s clothing 
Thlipsosis - Pinching 
Timophilia - Gold or wealth 
Transformation fetish - Depictions of transformations of people into objects/other beings 
Trichophilia - Hair 
Triolism - Three-party sex 
Troilism - Couples
Tripsolagnophilia - Massage


Urtication - Stinging nettles stimulating the skin


Vaccinophilia - Being vaccinated
Vicarphilia - Hearing stories about other people’s lives 
Vincilagnia - Being tied up
Vorarephilia - Fantasies about being swallowed alive 
Voyeurism - Watching others have sex


Xenophilia - Strangers


Zelophilia - Jealousy 
Zwischenstufe - Person of the same sex